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Terri Groom

Channel, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator

(Available for In-Person or Phone for November 28th Fair)

I believe my role in this lifetime is to serve others, protect others and try to do my part to create a better experience, whether it be through my channeled messages, my empathic healing abilities or even my own personal life experiences. I am so grateful to be able to share with you my gifts, and it brings me great joy to watch people transform their lives throughout the years. Some of my gifts include, Animal Communication, assisting in missing people cases, Paranormal Investigator, Mediumship and of course Channeling multiple energies. 
Some of the energies I channel are, but not limited to:
*Enoch (Bible) (Arch Angel Metatron)
*I Brutus (Scottish Highlander Warrior)
*Gladys (Shakespearian Era, fun-loving energy)
*Valkyrie (Norse energy source)

I am proud to be the facilitator of the Channeling Class at Prana Haven, where I assist others in finding and developing their gifts to connect to their guides and angels directly. I believe every single one of us are gifted and born “knowing”, I merely play the part of helping others in “remembering” what they are and who they came here to be. 
Throughout my childhood I have endured multiple traumatic life experience and from those experiences I made a deal with God, I promised that if I made it out alive, I would make it my life purpose to help, protect and guide others. I am so grateful that I am now on the path I was meant to be on and I humbly offer my services to you. 

To book a reading contact Terri at 214-564-6349 or vitaperceptions@gmail.com

Tracey Escobar 

Intuitive, Psychic, Oracle Card Reader, Medium

(Available for In-Person or Phone for November 28th Fair)

Tracey first began her relationship with the spirit world in her late teens after the sudden passing of her father.  During that time of grief, Tracey felt her spirit team for the first time as they embraced her and gave her strength to survive such a loss.  Life went on but her curiosity over life after death never went away.  In fact, she found herself searching for answers/proof over the next 30 years.
Then, like a beautifully orchestrated plan, Tracey found the right Medium at the right time and felt the healing power of mediumship.  That one meeting set forth a series of events and experiences that led her on her personal journey to give a voice to the voiceless and to guide and help people.  She discovered that she had abilities of her own and that not everyone “knew” things like she did.  She finally had answers, she was an empath, an intuitive, clairsentient, and clairvoyant.
Her journey has led her to the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England, a mentorship with Medium Colby Rebel of California, and Level 3 Psychic Certification for Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.  She is a graduate of Chuck Murphy’s Zero to Psychic Course and a regular of Jayme O’Donnell’s Psychic and Mediumship Development Classes. 
Tracey can share messages with you from a loved one that has crossed over, and she has the ability to give compassionate, honest, intuitive messages to aid her clients in the areas of relationships, career, legal issues, health, and finances.  You may not always hear what you WANT to hear, but you will always hear what you NEED to hear.


To book a session contact Prana Haven at 972-310-3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com

Alexandra Finn (Alex)

Psychic, Channel, Intuitive Tarot Reader,

Clairaudient & Multi-Clair

(Available for In-Person Only for November 28th Fair)


  My name is Alex and I have been a Psychic in our community for over 4 years. I am a Psychic Channeling Tarot Reader. I am also an Empath, Multi-Clair, Medium, Medical Pick Up ( I am not a doctor in any way) among many other things. My Clairaudience allows me to hear and communicate with my guides and angels as well as yours and loved ones who have passed over.

I learned about my gifts from my grandma when I was young. As an adult, with the guidance of my mother and other mentors, I dove back in and started to explore my abilities. I was drawn to Gilded Tarot and quickly found that my guides played a major role in my readings. 

I use the Celtic Cross 10 card spread to give you a look at your past, present, future, what crowns and crosses you, your overall outcome as well as your hopes, concerns and much more. My readings may include the use of my tarot deck, crystals and pendulum, all with help from my Guides and Angels as well as yours. 

I love helping guide people on their life journey and it is truly what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I have found that I am not only helping others but in return, they are helping me as I continue to learn and grow. I truly care about each person that allows me to read for them.

To book a session visit Psychicalexfinn.com

Ana Noyce

Akashic Records, Reiki Teacher, Spiritual Coach 

(Available for In-Person or Phone for November 28th Fair)

The Akashic Records are a conglomerate of each individual's past, present, and future along with all emotions, words, actions, events, thoughts and soul's contracts recorded in the Akashic etheric plane since the conception of the soul's journey. In religious texts it is referred to as the Book of Life. In general most people like to think of it as a great library where there are books kept about each person. The information the records holds can be used to make decisions, or help us understand events, and relationships in our lives.


Ana Noyce Is an Usui & Karuna Master Reiki Teacher. She is certified in Akashic Record consulting and is a Blessing Giver. She also studied under various Spiritual Teachers as she progressed in understanding the connection of the physical, and spiritual world as One. Ana is known for her work as a Spiritual teacher and facilitator in the Light Language workshops, and classes in reminding us how we all connect through a holographic universal language that we as human beings are fluent in, on a subconscious level.

Recently, Ana has written two books. Her first book is called A Journey into the Scared Heart, which is an account of her spiritual journey and some of the wisdom that was passed on to her along the way from teachers in both the physical and spiritual world.  Her second book is from a children's book for adults called In the Mind of the Creator, inspired by an astral projection which propelled her

into experiencing the consciousness of One mind.


To book a session contact Prana Haven at 972-310-3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com

Stacey Bosley

Empath, Intuitive Reader, DI Healer,Automatic Drawing

(Not Available for November Fair)

Stacey is an intuitive adviser, who uses her empathic gifts to provide amaurotic drawings. An amaurotic drawing is done without sight. Stacey achieves this by closing her eyes and connecting to your higher self who then provides the images. By removing her sense of sight Stacey is able to connect energetically with your spirit guides then show her what to draw. She then chooses the colors and placement through clairtangency, sense of touch. Finally, Stacey interprets the various shapes, colors and positions for the client, providing an accurate soul reading. Through the use of Zoom you will be able to watch Stacey and see what she intuitively draws for you at the same time.

Stacey began using this technique during her mentorship. She enjoyed the process so much she continued to draw only for herself. After sometime she wondered if she could give accurate readings to others. She began with friends and family and discovered that the readings were extremely precise. Stacey is extremely excited to provide this unique reading to everyone. Stacey also offers trance readings, Lenormand card readings and teaches on various topics relating to the metaphysical world.


To book a session contact Prana Haven at 972-310-3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com


(Not Available for November Fair)

Intuitive Charm Reader, Intuitive Tarot, Clair-Blend, Psychometry, Mediumship

Although receiving messages from spirit and premonitions occurred during childhood and further during her time at college, LisaRenee did not understand what these meant or what to do so she ignored and pushed them aside. It was not until a major life event in her later adult years that led her to begin her spiritual journey.  

She has obtained several certifications from training with several local mentors. She regularly attends weekly development classes and workshops to keep expanding and exploring the metaphysical and is currently working on Usui Reiki 1 Certification. 

LisaRenee’s focus is to deliver divine messages with compassion and truth that help you heal and empower yourself.


To book a session contact Prana Haven at 972-310-3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com

Cassie Clayton
Intuitive, Psychic, Oracle Card Reader, Tarot Card Reader
(Not Available for November Fair)

 Although always having a strong intuition and connection to spirit, Cassie really started down this journey a couple of years ago. She has obtained several certifications from training with local mentors.


She regularly attends development classes and workshops to keep expanding and exploring the metaphysics.



Cassie’s focus is to deliver messages with compassion and truth that help you to empower yourself.

To book a session contact Prana Haven at 972-310-3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com

Lori ~ Jean


(Not Available for November Fair)

Psychic Medium ~ Remote viewing, Psychometry Multidimensional Energetics ~ Clearing & Alignment Reiki ~ *also Distance ~ Reiki Master Teacher ~ Levels I-II-III & Master Holistic Health ~ Consultations: Herbs, Vitamins, Essential OilS


I was just 23 when I was compelled to study the Human Aura & Energy Healing, and this naturally led me to become a Reiki Master, via Dr. Usui lineage. Spirit then compelled me to pursue a formal career as a Registered Massage Therapist, which led to becoming certified in Multidimensional Cellular Energetics (soul travel via past/future dimensions to heal out all the stuff stuck in your aura/body) That by far, was some of the most powerful experiences I have ever had to date! My intuitive abilities began to become apparent around this time; but back in the 90’s, you couldn’t really talk about that kind of stuff!


In the last year, I have trained one-on-one with Psychic Medium - Chuck Murphy to complete his Zero To Psychic course, assisted in several of his Paranormal Investigations, I “survived” the Mastering Mediumship Workshop with the infamous Colby Rebel; and I am hoping to take Mediumship Development courses at the renowned Arthur Findley College of Spiritual Sciences as soon as it is safe to travel! Especially now, I feel particularly blessed that I am well versed in the various modalities of Holistic Health, herbs, vitamins & essential oils; and I can honestly say, the herbal remedies probably saved my oldest daughter’s life! Today, I am still so amazed at what Spirit continues to show me. But, it is important to remember, I am just the Messenger. My hope is, as Spirit works through me; the insight shared will bring you closer to discovering your own Soul Journey, to create and live your own best, Empowered Life!

Connie Evans

(Not Available for November Fair)

Crystal Intuitive & Empath

 As a crystal intuitive, Connie has the innate ability to channel the energy of individual crystals identifying their ideal use, owner, and placement.

Robyn Slagle

Bowenwork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Healer, Totem Wheels, Hanafuda Card Reader

(Not Available for September Fair)

Whether you choose an energy healing session, a self empowerment tool such as an Animal Totem Wheel or a Hanafuda card reading, Robyn’s advanced training and intuition will help you discover your fullest potential and leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.  


A Totem Wheel session allows you to tap into the power and wisdom of your totem animals, and accelerate the manifestation of your goals and dreams. You will leave this co-creative experience with a printed chart to continue your practice at home.

Hanafuda cards are a traditional Japanese playing set.  The name translates to "flower cards" and the themes and symbols follow the twelve months of the year.  Each of the flora and fauna have healing energies related to them.  Intuitive readings can be done for relationships, past-present-future, the year ahead, or custom questions. 


Robyn is a Licensed Massage Therapist and uses a number of energy healing modalities to clear physical and emotional congestion by distance, meaning changes will instantly be noticed even when the session is done by phone or video.  She will create a custom combination for your current needs.  Some of her modalities include Reiki, Bowen, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Light Language, Divine Intervention (a healing modality passed down from a Mayan Lineage), and DNA Codes.  She uses these to assist you in clearing non-beneficial energy in the physical and subtle body which then creates a natural flow and regeneration of health.  This gentle work can be used on anyone of any age or physical health.  

To book a session contact Robyn at 214-893-5639 or robyn@jarlight.com

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