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*Please take a peek at our Reader and Healer bios and give us a call to pre-book In-Person and Phone Readings*
Some Readers also take private bookings at Prana Haven or via phone/video so you can reach out to them directly or contact the shop and we will connect you! 


Alexandra Finn-Simmons (Alex)

Psychic, Channel, Intuitive Tarot Reader,

Clairaudient & Multi-Clair


  My name is Alex and I have been a Psychic in our community for over 4 years. I am a Psychic Channeling Tarot Reader. I am also an Empath, Multi-Clair, Medium, Medical Pick Up ( I am not a doctor in any way) among many other things. My Clairaudience allows me to hear and communicate with my guides and angels as well as yours and loved ones who have passed over.

I learned about my gifts from my grandma when I was young. As an adult, with the guidance of my mother and other mentors, I dove back in and started to explore my abilities. I was drawn to Gilded Tarot and quickly found that my guides played a major role in my readings. 

I use the Celtic Cross 10 card spread to give you a look at your past, present, future, what crowns and crosses you, your overall outcome as well as your hopes, concerns and much more. My readings may include the use of my tarot deck, crystals and pendulum, all with help from my Guides and Angels as well as yours. 

I love helping guide people on their life journey and it is truly what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I have found that I am not only helping others but in return, they are helping me as I continue to learn and grow. I truly care about each person that allows me to read for them.

To book a session visit


Leah Hinton
Intuitive Psychic offering Intuitive Channeling, Channeled Angel Messages, 
Oracle Readings, Mediumship, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Palmistry and Readings of Akashic Records


Find your path to your authentic self.

   Leah comes from a long line of gifted women and she is on a mission to provide others with 

intuitive guidance, healing and hope.  Her credentials are as follows:

  • B.Msc. in Metaphysics

  • Studied tarot with top UK intuitives and mediums Julian Jenkins and Linda Rauch and with Australia’s Sal Jade of The Psychic Healing Academy

  • Certified in Akashic records reading from Soul Tribe Academy and with Chrystal Hutchinson Tamala from Pursuing Wisdom Academy

  • Level 2 Certified Sound Healer under Britain’s Alexandra Gabriel

  • Certified Vocal Channel through Medicine of Sound.

  • Certified in psychic palm reading from Kelliena Where Guardians Speak

  • Psychic certification under Krishna Sharma of the Virtued Good Society of India and the autonomous Virtued Academy International of India

  • Practitioner of healing through the Seven Sacred Flames

  • Certified in Shamanistic Theology by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) through Rev. Dr. Bonnie M. Russell and Soulremember Academy

  • Certified in advanced angelic healing and crystal healing from the Academy of Ancient Magik

  • Ordained by the International Metaphysical Ministries

To book a session contact Prana Haven at

972-310-3480 /

or contact Leah directly at 214-507-4555


Teresa 'Tess' Biddick

Having had ‘unusual’ experiences through the years – both awake and in-sleep, Teresa Biddick accepted and forged ahead as if everyone had these experiences; not realizing the uniqueness. After all, it wasn’t something discussed at home or in church. Only an aunt mentioned what Teresa knows now as moon rituals, angelic intercession, and the like. Then, after more than 30 years in the landscape, design, and community planning world, Teresa was made aware of the significance, as she was on the edge of a new Life chapter. Currently, Teresa Biddick practices Reiki and H2H healing; and teaches Reiki to youth and adults. She completed Heart-2-Heart Healing practitioner training (Dr. Vicki High, 2020); Beginning Acupressure Class (Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine, 2015, 2018); Sound Healing with Tuning Forks in Massage Therapy (Stephanie Zocco, 2015); and Usui Teate Reiki, Shihan level 4, becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher (Deb & Larry Cline, 2014). Additionally, Teresa is certified in Crystal Healing I (SoulTopia Academy, 2016) and completed studies for Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ Practitioner (THINK) (CHI Lighthouse, 2015). Teresa is a Practitioner member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (abmp) and a minister associated with the Universal Life Church. Divine Dragonfly has become her platform to offer healing arts and teaching. Always a curious soul, she continues her journey to be knowledgeable, mindful, enlightened & light-hearted. As the oldest girl of a very large family, Teresa’s role was not fully appreciated until later in life. Spirituality, love, respect, responsibility, good communication, and the value of fun were big take-away lessons the since early days. Appreciation of the natural world was also learned early. Volunteerism began early, too, as a church babysitter & student leader of a local Camp Fire Girls group. Since then, volunteering with various organizations has enabled Teresa to give back with gratitude and learn at the same time. Today, Teresa lives in Garland with loving husband, Fred, persnickety cat, K.C. and onery adopted brother, Tabby Cat. In 2019, we all welcomed rescued pup, Bear, who continues his healing. We renew efforts to convert our yard into an urban sanctuary for ourselves & wildlife. Time with family & friends is precious. To be continued

To Book a Reading or Healing (or Combo) Please email or call the shop at 972.310.3480

justin pic 4.jpg

Justin Simmons

Psychic Medium, Divine Light Reiki Healer

Growing up in a religious family, set Justin up with the building blocks to understand and accept the inevitable fact that the Divine is at work in each of us. After his awakening, he began accessing the Love energy that flows freely throughout our universe in the form of intuitiveness. This has all lead to the calling of healing our world with the Divine Light that radiates from Source. Whether the pain is caused by physical or emotional distress, let’s dive in and find healing for your highest good.

To Book a Reading or Healing (or Combo) Please email or call the shop at 972.310.3480

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