Helping Empaths Overcome Stress & Anxiety

With Speranta Cristache


Wednesday, April 6, 12 pm - 1:30 pm, $40

Wednesday, April 13, 7 pm - 8:30 pm, $40

Space is limited, please RSVP to 972.310.3480 or


Do you absorb other’s energies, both happy & sad, like a sponge? Do you feel tired ALL of the time?

Were you shamed, criticized or called “crazy” for your sensitivity, intuition & extrasensory gifts? 

Do you want to hide in your house, away from people and crowds? Or do you hide behind a smiling face when you do go out, afraid you’re going to say the “wrong” thing?

Do you feel this sense of dread, stress & anxiety out of nowhere? 



Do you want to feel more EASE, peace & fun?

Do you want to feel like you belong & living your true life purpose? 

Do you want to be seen & loved for who you TRULY are?

Want to use your empathy to manifest happiness, love & abundance? 


In this 90 minute masterclass, you will learn how to transform your anxiety into the superpower that you were born with. While the same curriculum will be covered in both workshops, this is an experiential workshop and each instance is unique. Looking forward to meeting each one of you. 

Helping Empths Overcome Stress and Anxiety