With Alex Finn

1-day- $50
June 10th 7-9p,
Space is limited please RSVP to 972.310.3480 or Alex@pranahaven.com
Feel overwhelmed out in public?
Crowds drive you a little crazy?
Tired of others negative emotions effecting you?
Every been in a perfectly good mood then felt like randomly crying or another drastic emotion?
Just want your spaces to feel great?
GOOD, you’re an empath and let’s get all these useful tools out there!

This is a two-day class that will cover all the basic techniques for clearing, grounding, shielding, or “bubbling” as well as how to protect your empathic and intuitive energy and your spaces. The goal is to feel safe in our own spaces and energy and to learn how to not let the energies of others effect our every day lives. As empaths, Intuitive, Psychics, Healers and more we have a gift of being able to pick up on other’s energy. At times it can be draining and there are easy steps we can take to control our energetic environment. Each class will include supplies to take home and practice with like Sage sticks, sprays, crystals and more 

Clearing, Grounding, Shielding & Protecting you Energy & Spaces