Thursday, September 22, 2022


Prana Haven

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Astrology 101 Series - “Reading the Wheel”

The Zodiac Wheel is used in virtually any Western astrology chart you can think of. In this 2 hour discussion, we’ll talk about what it’s showing us and how it applies to a Natal/Birth chart. Then we’ll have some fun looking at our own Natal/Birth charts using what we’ve learned.
So, if you’re just beginning and want to learn more or if you already know a little astrology but would like to grow your skills, this class is for you. Wherever you may be on your Astrological journey, please know you’re welcomed to join in, have some fun and meet some like-minded souls.
FYI: We’ll be using the Western/Tropical Zodiac Wheel/Placidus House system. Please provide your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth when registering so I can provide you with a copy of your Natal/Birth chart for the class. *It’s important to be accurate if you want the Natal/Birth chart to be accurate. You can usually find the exact date/time/place of birth on your birth certificate or ask a relative who would know.*
Location of class: Prana Haven
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Exchange Rate: $25 non-refundable if cancelled after Wednesday Sept 21st
If you have to miss, no worries! You can also join the next one, provided space is available.


Astrology 101 with Diena Wakefield